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Brilliant book with tools for Predators:

7 Mar

This book is one of a kind in that it has everything in it pertaining to strategy; stuff you wont find in your university books, ideal for management students, entrepreneurs, leadership development, change management, disaster management, teambuilding, project teams, and anyone looking for new and radical ways to inspire young leaders, as well as combine their revolutionary ideas with the old school, it deals with the cardinal 34 aspects of strategy. Starting from the sociological approach right through to strategy design, delivering with a business plan. Then taking  you to implementation, with  critical thinking and strategy engineering, dealing with military precision practices, the likes of CAPS..  It is dated and both inspirational, a must have. If you are serious about mastering strategy, then this is the one book you must have…

The short title is Strategic Management

The long Title; The Radical Revolutionary Strategic Management Matrix For Predators

Selling for around $25 (Dollars US), check online some stores have specials, and will be local as well, the eBook sells at around$3.99.

Buy This Book straight from the printer
Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Price $25.00


Price $3.99

Buy the book here; 

Whats it all about?

Its all about breaking with tradition; and Revolutionizing Strategic Management.

With A Matrix of 32 different fields of strategy; all in one book.

This is a first of its kind  managerial book. It dares to Define true Radical and Revolutionary Strategic Management Competencies and  Principles, by Applying both the Sociological and Military Approach towards developing and executing any plan of strategy perfectly. It gives you the edge, the inside track, of all the great leaders secrets, and knowledge, you could become the case study, and not always just have to follow it…

Great leaders had great inspiration, that comes from radical and revolutionary ideas, principles, and practices, all meshed into a capability for considerable insight, here we have exactly that… just waiting for you…

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Why “Strategic Management” is pure BS!

4 Mar

“In ‘Strategic Management’ class I felt enlightened. I learned a lesson: It is pure bullshit. I will never hire a consultant for my company”….. This was a tweet that I got. Just how many people working today, think the same?

Why, and how did they develop this perception?

Why people seem to think that strategy, crudely put, is pure bull…

Here is what I think…

It’s all about perception; mostly people selling strategy are not themselves sure what they are selling. Mainly because they only serve the plain vanilla flavour… by serving vanilla you can’t go wrong? Well you can. This is exactly why people today lose interest, and hope, and all direction when confronted with people that want to SELL them strategy.

Strategy is a tool; it’s not the whole toolbox…

Sometimes we tend to create the perception that; “Hay with this strategy we will solve all your problems”… its wrong, just very wrong, on so many levels…

Readymade, hot “out of the box” strategy just does not work anymore. Don’t confuse turn Key Operations, with strategy either. It is two totally different concepts.

Strategy is a plan, which can or won’t work… you take a gamble when you are only using strategy…

When in fact what you should be asking for is termed “Grand Strategy”…( more on that later).

The word Strategy today has been raped, by so many, so many times, that it’s just no good to anyone, anymore. Well at least with a plan you get something, some think. Who does not call any plan they have a STRATEGY today? Come on..a plan is referred to as a strategy today…again, my point, it’s all perception.

Therefore the word strategy used in conversation should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Because, It’s all situational, and each instance on its own merit.

The word stagey does to some extent imply planning, not just plan, and here is the distinction. Several plans make up a strategy when combined. – Yes and the detail of it, (resources, infrastructure etc.)
This is where the BS. Creeps in…When consultants sell their half baked watered down versions of the original vanilla custard pie, and want to make people believe it’s a custard slice…

Turn key operations, are out of the box ready to go strategies that have been well designed and though out, mostly tried and tested, it’s a cradle to grave concept…that you can’t get wrong, it’s the tried and tested variety, pretty much vanilla. Never the less they are not trying to sell it as the here-all and end- all. That will work for any venture type of concept – strategy. Granted a strategy never the less.

However, strategy in my mind is something that deals with the variables and unknowns of change, initiative, design, progress, all things unknown, and needs to start from scratch to be effective in the end.

It should also include the principles of design; that of pattern, business assumptions, resource analysis, market analysis etc. and elements of strategy, before it will become a true strategy. Without; a vision, mission, goals etc… it’s just a plan. Many people will sell a dream, based on a few easy steps… this is just not strategy… it’s still just a plan.

So if you need strategy, make a plan… first. And get the right people with the right toolboxes, to follow the principles of strategy and deliver Master strategy. This is what we need… when we say we need strategy…

Scroll down; Check the comments section, some lively debate has followed here…

Now – Read the book or Ebook; Read more in my new book Strategic Management, The Radical Revolutionary Strategic Management Matrix for Predators by Reinier Geel, now available at Trafford;http://www.trafford.com/Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?Book=339320

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