About The Author

Hi, my Name is Reinier Geel. Thanks for visiting my blog.  I’m the Author of; Strategic Management; the long title; The Radical Revolutianary Strategic Management Matrix for Predators.

This book  deals with all the facets of strategy history and its formation, from; the art of strategy, the art of war, and then the strategic time spiral continuum…

Currently a Metro Police Commander, with the rank of Chief Superintendent, in South Africa.

My strategic background and training is mainly military and para-military, and was formed from my Former Specialized units commander training and experiences, and past military, spes units training and experience, right through.

Yes, I  did Have my own business at the age of 19 with 47 employees in the construction industry. Was the second youngest person to get the rank of Superintendent in South Africa…. And the list goes on… Short version; I have been around the block several times, learnt lots of tricks, and would like to share my 20 years plus experience ….

For more in depth info you are welcome to look at my LinkedIn profile.

All the content and information, views and ideas shared and or expressed here, are personal and private, and do not reflect on any institution that I may or may not be affiliated to.

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