Enhancing our “Predatory Traits” with CAPS!!!

21 Oct

Predators are focused on a – Revolutionary Radical Strategy – that is always well conceived, well planned, time-phased and engineered to be flexible, with true resilience and vigilance thus epitomising the symbol of the predator character. Where we act cool and calm, calculated in our aims, we are preserving our strength and not showing our weakness until the decisive moment. Designed and equipped for precision styled work. The predator waits his turn; he ambushes his pray and avoids conflict by doing so. Poised for that decisive moment, at which a calculated blow should be rendered, with precision; towards the “strategic target” of the body. Here he uses all his strength, power and tactics – to make the conclusion – final and the conflict brief. His strategy reduces any possibility of on-going confrontation, thus avoiding tension, as well as avoiding the possibility of injury to him-self or allows the objective to escape and evade.

When on the attack: we require precision; this type of precision is echoed with the incorporation of “CAPS”. Whenever we contemplate a strategic attack, we analyse our strategic targets and their strategic value first and foremost. We analyse it from two perspectives; the first, as if we were the aggressor and the second as if we were the pray. We do not waste our energies on crisis management as a means to an end because of political influences. The objective is clear, the rest is only noise we have to start solving “rock in the path” problems, which becomes the end of the perceived threat in itself when we show others the means, and the way. Solving “rock” problems requires insight, the ability to confront problems and challenges for what they are, and not by the way they are perceived as huge “rocks”. We rely on precision military styled work ethic and planning to carry us through “Rock hard” times. This is where “CAPS” come in; it focuses all our energies and resources in a structured manner towards resolving potential threats, or towards devising plans of attack, or both. “CAPS should become our doctrine; whenever we start dealing with strategy formulation, strategic targeting and conflict resolution.


Why CAPS, it defines the process, and principles that the military follow to identify their targets.

 The first principle of war is to dislodge the head from the body, or to clamp the command and control elements, the neck, by suffocating it, as well as all its communication components, the major arteries and air way, a body becomes useless when the brain becomes dislodged, or starves from a lack of oxygen – information. Thus we shift from the whole to the parts of the problem.

“CAPS” incorporates all the ingredients of effective strategy; it deals with “strategic targeting” in terms of its:

CAPS: stands for,
  • Concepts,
  • Attributes,
  • Perceptions and
  • Systems – (supporting a structure to bring it into effect or to make it effective in its purpose.)

CAPS works best when we apply “Strategic Targeting” first.  With “Strategic Targeting” we try to find and identify our aim clearly; it is the mental process of – Identify, Clarify, Quantify and defining of our objectives and goals first. “Only fools rush in” – so that they are clearly understood when seeking a solution. Solutions become clear only when we have a concept to work with. The concept must be fully encompassing, and be a total solution. The collective envisions the contemplated solution against; what we know now, have assumed, and have to work with, vs. who, where, what, when, and how this will solve the problem – and “who” will be responsible. Only then planning becomes specific in direction – towards that which is becoming significant – and worthy of our effort and time spent – only then planning becomes a useful exercise. If the “envision” (the end–vision), if not significant (exciting, or a real total solution), then we are wasting our time planning for it. We might as well just do it and see what happens. We want to assure ourselves of uncompromising victories, at every stage of our offensive and not just a measure of success – that is left to chance. “It’s all or nothing.” Only when we have found our strategic target do we require planning.

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