Plan beyond your current capacity and you will gain the capability to grow

24 Jun

Although you might think I am playing with words here, that is not the case. It is a principle that exists, that we should all become aware of. It is far reaching and it works, something that could change your life, if only you change your way of thinking, and practice it more. It is boundless, and could change the world, as you know it, by just changing your perception.

We are talking about building capacity; where capacity in this instance would refer to talents, a mental aptitude, and or brain activity, a proven way of solving problems, which gives you greater ability to overcome your challenges. Capacity goes hand in hand with capability. Then capability would refer to resources, means, and finances, finding the means towards rising above your current situation.

In life as in business the issues we would normally mention, as contributors for a lack of growth, and a barrier to success. Stays more or less the same, and we refer to them as resources or capital for instance, whatever it be, this principle stays universal.

“It is only through critical thinking and narrow focus, combined with concentrated effort, that we find the ways that lead to the means we seek”.

It is truly this simple; only by planning beyond your current capability, and debating issues, do we gain this required insight that then sparks the creative juices which change our perceptions, jumping to the design of ways out of the swamp of doubt, and stagnation. (In plain English, if you don’t plan for say the repairs of the swimming pool for instance, and leave it until someday, when you will have money, chances are you will never get to doing it. However, if you start getting in quotes, and consult with people, you might just find that it is not that involved, and the solution to your problems are right in front of you and simple…only if you start to consciously apply your mind to problem solving through planning, do you find creative and imaginative ways of solving problems)

We are all genetically programmed to plan beyond our current state of existence and our own expectations; we are genetically endowed with seeds of greatness, which will only blossom, if we see potential, and find the ways and means to enhance ours, and others capacity to develop our collective capabilities, to change both efficiently and effectively in step with change as well.

Only if we change the situation, do we change the outcome, only in this fashion, does our change become sustainable and multiply. We have been designed to be a creative energy; we only become destructive, if we no longer seek to change, and stop planning. When we loos sight of the importance of planning and how planning and design will aid in solving today’s problems collectively, today, tomorrow, and beyond. This is only possible through the use of strategic tools, the mind, and strategic planning. Through planning, we all create the capacity for greatness. People, families, countries and corporations only fail, because they stop planning, and plan inefficiently and in-effectively.

They lack the required talent, capacity and capability…

Unleashing the power of thought through is best done through strategic means

Strategic thinking and subsequently planning helps identify the real root of the problem. It establishes the platform for critical thinking, that stimulates growth, and – second only to superb execution – is the single most important determinant to organizational success – planning. Success largely depends on an entity’s ability to build superior internal capacity and capability, throughout the organisation, only as a result of having planned for it. PLANNING!!!

PLANNING Sets the stage for bigger things to follow

  • implementation,
  • monitoring and
  • evaluation

Strategic planning does the following for us:

 It focuses our energy – then Energy goes where attention flows.

  • It defines the mission; the mission of the organization becomes the reason why people can identify with it, people need to make sense for themselves as to what are they part of, and then why? A thorough strategic planning process identifies the mission, vision, goals, and the fit for everyone. So that they can see their potential and the companies.
  • It identifies pertinent organizational priorities.
  • Strategic planning aligns spending to budgets and cash-flow that further the execution of the organization’s financial strategy.
  • It creates purpose and structure.   Almost everyone thrives on having structure in our lives, especially in our work. A strategic plan gives us this required element, and helps motivate management as well as employees, to focus on the tasks at hand, by giving them structure and direction.
  • Help strengthen culture and improves co-operative team work. Thus, improving the ability to control and manage, as well as develop.  It gives us the capacity to develop people, in line with the strategy and their own requirements, thereby also building on future leadership capacity and capability requirements.
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