A Call to duty

26 Jan

Economically things are heading towards  negative growth globally, the belt is tightening; and we can all feel and see  the effects already early on in the new year.

Who is to blame? What is the problem? Why can’t we get it right?

Well some believe it’s very simple, if we get the basics right the rest will follow; what is stopping it is a lack of vision, discipline, and true LEADERSHIP

World Leaders are in the midst of a worldwide crisis, and everyone is still just looking out for himself;

The problem is actually several problems that are compounding the effect of the global economic crisis;

  • Population growth rates are overtaking economic growth;
  • We are growing so fast, as a global population, that at the current rate we won’t have enough resources left;
    • food, water, and then other factors like
    • education,
    • and jobs for all, by 2020 will be a source of  concern.

The facts speak for themselves; the world population has gone from 1.6 billion in 1900 to 7 billion in October 2011, and the U.N. projects that it will reach 9.3 billion by 2050, and over 10 billion by 2100.



The key performance areas that need urgent attention globally are overlooked daily by our leaders;

  • The effects of global warming and climate changes; is here to stay, the earth is getting warmer like it does in cycles, every 100 years it heats up, and then cools down again in the following 100 years, nothing new there.  So no matter how hard we try to cut CO2, it will happen – its just a political agenda to open up a green economy – market, a way of creating jobs…
  • When instead we should be looking at our emergency and disaster contingency planning, every effort must be made towards protecting our global supply chains, and resources. Forecasters are saying expect lots more starvation, drought, floods, and as a result civil unrest, corruption, and more bad government- all destabilising elements to positive growth. When what we desperately need more of is quite the opposite, and lots more of it – namely stability.
  • We need better food and water security.
  • We need more self sustaining countries. 
  • We need more alternative energy sources. 
  • We need strict law enforcement to preserve natural resources.
  • And then, our social degradation of morality needs to be addressed;
    • we need discipline back, in all tiers of society and especially schools,
    • less focus on the freedoms and rights of individuals, and more on society’s particular norms, virtues, and values.

What is needed is stability; and in order for things to become stable, less freedom of persons and more accountability of people are sought after.

  • Responsibility for actions and getting people to act responsible and accountable again; this is a principle of peace, prosperity, and religion, and it should become entrench philosophies in society again.
  • Too much emphasis on People’s Rights have torpedoed all this, de-stabilizing all stability.
  • We have shifted the pendulum way to far over towards our per-suite of human rights and individual freedoms, so much so that it has become a self-impaling attribute of society rendering itself useless today, in our schools, and house, and governments we are now rendered useless .  We have become paralyzed with fear to act responsible and accountable, because human rights outweigh everything, even common dignity, even religions had to change to start accommodating individuals and their rights. Old fashioned beliefs, like respect for elders, and peoples property and law and order, is gone – the pillars of stability in society is collapsing. Everyone is obsessed with being totally free under a democracy, free to do whatever they want, without any fear.
  • When the fact of the matter is this; we have lost balance, like a ship on its side; people are disappearing overboard.
  • In business terms; before any growth and investment will take place or even have a chance we have to have stability in all aspects of society. We need to get society all on the same page again- they need to see that freedom without responsibility and accountability is just not freedom worth having;
    • Without stability and good governance and working structures of government, (in all tiers of society and down to local government level) ,then we cannot speak of stability, then we have no order, just chaos.
    • Then we see the results; slow growth, where we see little stability (like in most under developed regions its because of a lack of internal stability) then everything else is hampered because of this.
    • So there is very little if any chance of long-term sustainable growth on the horizon for anyone, if we cannot find ways to cross pollinate, and start helping each other out….
    • This ripple effect goes back and forth, between developing and under developed, as well as developed countries, everything here , affects everything else. Like telephone poles, if one is broken, the rest will have to take up the slack.
    • The USA is now showing negative development in science and engineering…where other countries like Japan and South Korea are overtaking them. Strange attributes are causes this; relaxed, immigration, and they have become relaxed in their schools with discipline,  and they have adopted more and more human rights policy – (a teacher can sleep on her desk, and not get fired…), where the child taking the video gets suspension for violating the use of cellphones policy – when taking a video of the sleeping teacher, this shows just how far a  hands off affect on discipline in schools… we have, now they are paying for it. policy and policy makers should be banned, only law, should dictate… behavior.
    • Where as in Asia, Asia has done the complete opposite. They have shifted their emphasis to quality education, self-discipline, and taking responsibility for discipline, is daily business. (According to your seed shall you produce fruits…) We should take note and learn… as a result, they also now have the most stable and consistent governments, with the least violent crime, and government corruption.
    • Human rights, labour rights, and growth will not go to countries with strict human rights; 500 000 jobs have been lost in the states, to China, in the Apple empires move towards industrial China producing their products. The question is, would you choose having to live in poverty but with well protected human rights, or having jobs, for the whole family, and sacrificing all/ or some of those rights? This dilemma is coming…human rights activists are campaigning while lots of people are falling into poverty, and turning to crime, drugs, prostitution, right on their doorstep, and creating illegal jobs for others by doing so…
    • Most of our problems grow in parallel, what happens here effects something there; as and when social norms grow, so to do the requirements of education, this escalates proportionality. The better we live, the greater our demands on education become, and the more expensive it gets. The most important lesson to be learned from this is with Japan’s decade and a half economic stagnation after they experiences a great economic boom; was due to circumstances that changed suddenly, after the cold war the focus shift from Russia to to Asia. Their winning recipe, now came into contact with democratic principles and markets opening up. they did not anticipate change.  Incapable of adjusting fast to those changes and in parallel, froze their economic setup, it then rippled into the quality of life. A result of state assistance,  the Japanese system of state-assisted capitalism, could not compete with open markets. However, countries such as Finland, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and New Zealand continue to outpace the U.S. in reading, science and math; all eyes are on China now. Education and economic growth goals should be aligned; that’s the messages here , China is now coming to an end with mass industrialization, they are now producing a super society, of “brainiacs”… they have provinces that are overtaking countries with exceptional education standards and results.
  • The global face is changing. Debt has become the second biggest factor creating a death grip strangle hold on investment and development. Especially where the state is spending on none sustainable developments, and projects having no return on investment – just for political gain and votes. People are still expecting state grants, charity, handouts, free houses, and funding. This is also ill financial discipline, and dissipating, not of its own accord, as governments have to cut back just to survive because taxing people can only yield so much.  Tragedy is set into motion where ever the state give free handouts,  by virtue of these initiatives, when a limited resource (any) is opened up to uncontrolled use by many people, or political control for self interest, and does not get replenished, it destroys an eco system, habitat, or community – this principle is universal.
    • Examples are state grants to many unemployed, but able bodied people, then also subsidising emerging farmers without performance contracts and training, or, the state taking healthy producing farm land and redistributing it to locals, in Africa. Fishing rights to consortiums, international waters are not protected and over fished, and the locals get nothing, they get policed, etc… Free market forces are crippled by legislation. Where the effect of supply and demand on trading within afree market gets interfered with by legislation…
    • Degradation/rate of habitat loss; loss of natural vegetation; water and natural resources; especially at coastal settlements (stress on coastal ecosystems; as they are being destroyed by pollution or over utilisation). The island scores “sixes” for its low percentage area of marine reserves; its hazardous municipal waste and human population density, nearly half the population lives along our coasts where ecosystems are most fragile, and then they pump their sewage into it.
    • Air and water pollution; traffic congestion, habitat destruction and loss of fertile farmland, Deforestation is the permanent destruction of indigenous forests and woodlands, buiding of dams to close to the coast, mining effluent, are all the consequences of the “collapse of governmental infrastructure“. Where government starts failing, and negating its duty, all infrastructure follows suite.  Normally this only happens where this issue is treated as if we can still fix it tomorrow, as if it were separate and divorced from the weight of the extra humanity. Removed from the science of supply and demand issues, something that needs to be addressed, strategically, as well as checking to see if there is sufficient capacity and capability of infrastructure and service suppliers…
    • Repair and maintenance is the cornerstone of civilised society. If you negate this, it all collapses at some point – fact.
    • Challenges of lifestyle choices are also compounding the problem; obesity among children and adults has almost doubled over the past 15 years, something which could also increase the prevalence of chronic diseases in the next generations. Bigger people, create bigger problems. So to the retirement age is decreasing, and early pension goers have become a rule; due to health, stress and anxiety, – health issues are increasing, and the working population is decreasing.
    • Disease, and viruses; Hiv/ Aids, sexually transmitted diseases, due to relaxed laws, and religious beliefs…etc, is also taking its toll.
    • Standards of education, and the cost thereof has impacted on the availability of skilled labor
    • Industrialisation of China causes local markets to collapse under the weight of cheap quality goods being imported – Job losses in most countries.
    • All this is the result of a “power to the people” – ideology. The intimate partnership between democracy and neoliberals – (the political view, that emphasizes the importance of social justice that is best maintained by minimal government interference, pursuing first human rights, and total free dome, in all aspects, the street dogma of our age, shaped by common people, becoming our politicians, and leaders) never have we seen a more toxic effect on democracy and governance itself? With many examples all over the world, where to wrong people get the jobs that really matter most.
    • Politicians have adopted a diminished scope of reality, one they like best, and only when it suites them is it reality, they are not, and will never pursue the true path of politics, one that leans towards a cause for action, for strategic action, planned action; they rather become storm-chasers, emotionally dashing from crisis to the next crisis. Crisis management is very at home in many governments today. If only they applied their minds first, and then acted in the first instance, and planned well – one can only wonder. Oppose to talking and then delegating…
    • Desperate times calls for desperate measures they say; well policy-and law making does not solve problems, they create more.
    • Then the lack of political will and the creation of a class called the political social elites; All Above The Law, with a desire to create such a world where the essence of life is determined by, status and class – a world where one’s only desire is to cheat, corrupt, and enslave others – for the “greater good” – something called freedom.
    • Politics have become a selfishness occupation of the morally corrupt, a kind of absolute evil in this world, having penetrated every corner of this globe, they desire only their agendas to prevail, no matter the cost.
    • “Democracy is the worst form of government” Sir Winston Churchill – except for every other form of government. Implying that; all forms of government are terribly bad, and democracy may merely be the least bad of the bunch of bad ideologies. The alternatives are; dictatorship, socialism or communism, just not an option.

So how are we going to cope?

Only with Radical and Revolutionary Strategy  get the book now!!!

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