Sustainable Business (South East Asia brief)

22 Mar

Sustainable Business

An overview by;

Giving You Consumer-Centric Business Strategies For Sustainable Growth


Welcome to the BUSINESS section at BENEFIT POINT.

Today, the environment within which a commercial organisation needs to operate, has undergone drastic changes post the global financial crisis. With changes in regulations, technology, consumers habits, increasing environmental awareness and digital connectivity and a incoming generation of professionals, who have a totally different approach and attitude towards organisational functioning,  Strategic Sustainability that enables for long term profit maximisation has become the need of the hour for commercial organisations that are keen to opearate, literally, border-lessly.

Keeping this backdrop in mind,this section of the site aims to provide you articles, posts,links covering:

  1. Strategy development
  2. Organisational planning
  3. Innovation
  4. Process Efficiency
  5. Consumer & Category Trends
  6. Economic Trends
  7. Multi-cultural marketing

Our intention in providing this knowledge is:

  1. To give you best-practices that can be used immediately in day-to-day management AND
  2. For you to have access to the knowledge and experience of a global network of experts

All in one single place– Benefit Point .

2 Responses to “Sustainable Business (South East Asia brief)”

  1. Joy Abdullah at 2:12 am #

    Thanks for linking this, Reinier. Appreciate it.


  1. Index of posts on this blog – Strategic Management « Strategic Management -

    […] Sustainable Business (South East Asia brief) […]

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